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About the Film


In the late 1970s, Satish Bhaskar travelled along India’s East and West coastlines, and the wildly spectacular Andaman and Nicobar islands. For nearly five decades, he lived alongside the rare and mysterious sea turtles, whom he befriended and studied.

In his career, “Mr. Sea Turtle”, walked nearly 2/3rds of India’s coastline. His life was a series of extraordinary adventures – a collection of rare stories about these mysterious ocean dwellers.

His fight was to save them from extinction.

The Directors

Turtle Walker began when two childhood friends decided to combine their mutual passions – the ocean and filmmaking – to tell an important story. Their hope is that this film will encourage people the world over to take action for marine conservation. Here, they are pictured accepting prizes for the “Best Wildlife and Natural History Pitch” at “Sunny Side of the Doc” 2019.

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