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Dunes Parks

Dune Parks is coming home, coming home to Goa!

In a monumental move to restore our previous sand dunes, Goa is the location of a first-of-its-kind project in India. But what is a dune park? A sand dune park is a specific area where measures are put in place to preserve the flora and fauna of this often overlooked, delicate ecosystem. Sand dunes are often overlooked as areas that need preserving. Sand dunes, while mostly found in deserts, are also found on beaches. Sand dunes are essential as they act as a barricade between the ocean and land, protecting human habitation from tsunamis and storms. Sand dunes are formed as geological deposits from the wind. The windier it is, the more likely a sand dune will form. Unfortunately, years of negligence have led to sand dunes around Goa becoming holding pots of garbage.

Look no further, around Goa’s Morjim beach in the North and Galgibaba in the South, these two upcoming sand dune parks will be the center of education on the importance of preserving sand dunes. With bridges built from eco-friendly material, nurseries of sand dune vegetation, and interpretation centers, these dune parks are an attempt at diversity revival on our beautiful Goan coasts. With the backing of the World Bank, Goa’s state biodiversity board has been given almost 3 crores for this project.

Dunes Parks represents an exciting time for India’s hub of tourism, Goa. More emphasis on environmentally sustainable approaches to tourism, especially in an area as rich in biodiversity as Goa, is one step towards a greener future.

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