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How old are sea turtles?

Sea Turtles have been on our planet for over 100 million years- since the time dinosaurs roamed the earth!

 Where in the world can sea turtles be found?

Turtles have adapted to all different kinds of climates and are found all over the world except Antarctica, with around 376 species found globally!

What is special about turtles anatomy?

It’s the only animal that’s ever lived that has its hips and shoulder blades inside its rib cage.”
Jeffrey Lovich, Research Ecologist at the U.S. Geological Survey

How many species of turtles are there?

376 turtle species

How many species of turtles are at risk of extinction?

 61 percent of 376 turtle species found in the world are either extinct or threatened

What are some of the major threats faced by sea turtles?

    • Plastic and Water pollution
    • Bycatch during fishing
    • Illegal pet trade
    • Illegal poaching for meat
    • Climate change
    • Loss of habitat

Why are turtles important?

    • They Maintain a healthy ecosystem
    • They are a FoodSource in the marine food chain
    • They eggs can help aid Coastal Vegetation which protects against erosion

What work is being done to ensure the survival of these beautiful creatures?

    • Rehabilitation programs
    • Ocean and Beach Clean-ups
    • Hatcheries
    • Research and Monitoring