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Marine Conservation Courses

Image by © ReefWatch

Has the ocean and all its fascinating creatures always intrigued you? If you are curious about learning more about the marine world and all it has to offer, there are various courses available which will help you gain understanding of this fascinating and extremely important world. There are different levels of courses available depending on what and why you are choosing to do these courses. Marine life may simply interest you and you would want to know more, or maybe you want to dive deep and learn and work towards marine conservation actively. Read on to find out about a few courses that are available to peak your interest in the unique and fascinating world of marine conservation.

1. Nat Geo: Ocean Challenges and Solutions Course

This is a basic introductory short online course for only 4 hours which you can do at your own convenience. This course dives into the marine species and habitats that make up our ocean’s ecosystem. You’ll also discover the benefits people derive from this ecosystem and how conservation action is needed to build the ocean’s resilience to climate change.

This course is suitable for anyone interested in wildlife and the environment; however, it is recommended that you complete Introduction to Conservation available on the Nat Geo platform before exploring this course.


Image by © ReefWatch

2. GVI Marine Conservation Course

This is an indepth course which is available from the comfort of your homes via an online platform. This course will help you develop foundational skills and help you understand the scientific terms and language used for marine conservation. The history of marine conservation is also introduced in this course.

The course will also teach you about the various challenges faced by marine life such as the pollution in coastal waters, the overdevelopment of coastlines, climate change and overfishing. Investigate how these factors have contributed to a decline in coral reefs, fish life and marine mammals and what can be done to negate them and protect the world’s largest ecosystem.


Image by © ReefWatch

3. New Haven: Marine Conservation Course

The New Haven Reef Conservation Program (NHRCP) based in Thailand, was founded in 2007 with the main aim of teaching divers about reef ecology, research and restoration. The marine conservation courses offer participants the opportunity to learn in-depth about marine ecology and the techniques used by reef managers around the world to manage and protect coral reef resources. After developing the knowledge, participants then practice those techniques underwater while simultaneously contributing to the conservation of the reefs around the island. The unique program focuses on scientifically based techniques that empower local stakeholders and assist the efforts of the local community and government. Participants of the course also receive certifications through Conservation Diver, one of the highest quality marine conservation training organizations available.


Image by © ReefWatch

4. Animal Courses Direct: Marine Conservation Diploma Course

This organisation offers a marine conservation course, available online which covers the ocean as a habitat, the evolution and marine life adaptation. Other areas include fisheries, sustainable fishing, ocean pollution, the impact of global climate change, the impact of non-native species and government policy and legislation.

This marine conservation course is the ideal theory for anybody interested in marine conservation and for those wanting to volunteer or follow a career in this field. There are six modules included in this course which are :

    1. The Ocean Habitat
    2. Evolution and Marine Life Adaptation
    3. Fisheries and Sustainable Fishing
    4. Ocean pollution and the Impact of global climate change
    5. Impact of Non Native Species
    6. Government Policy and Legislation


5. Conservation Diver

The aim of this organisation is to not rely solely on governments to solve problems being faced by the planet’s oceans, but to increase the capacity and skill sets of local managers and divers around the globe to empower a new generation of action oriented conservationists. Through training courses this organisation is giving people from many different backgrounds the knowledge to initiate action, and through their networks helping those who want to make a difference join up and realize their goals.

This organisation offers a variety of courses within the field of marine conservation. These courses include :

    • Research and Monitoring Courses
    • Restoration Theory and Techniques
    • Hard Corals
    • Reef Protection
    • Monitoring & Conserving Other Reef Organisms

Within these courses there are sub topics which you can choose from based on your interest and the branch of marine conservation you are interested in.


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